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    Catch The Rhythms 3 - The Third Chapter by Kumar Sanu (CD RIP 320KBPS)


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    Catch The Rhythms 3 - The Third Chapter by Kumar Sanu (CD RIP 320KBPS)

    Post by AmZ on Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:38 pm

    Ramesh Kansara, owner of then Rhythm Squad Records, set about revolutionising the Asian Dance Music scene in the Uk with re-mixing top Bollywood soundtracks set to stomping new beats thus creating a totally new and high quality re-worked tracks. This was started with our first release " Catch The Rhythms " way back in December 1993 which was a total smash and created a totally new style of music and premium retail pricing for retailers - previously enjoyed by Bhangra music releases.Rhythm Squad Records started a new trend and completely re-invented the UK Asian music scene with all of its new roster of releases.Rhythm Squad was the first label in the UK to utilise the singing talents of the top most Bollywood singers in a dance style. Our releases featured Kumar Sanu - Alka Yagnik - Udit Narayan - Sadhana Sargam - Jolly Mukherjee - Kavita Krishnamurthy etc...Rhythm Squad signed up premier remix producers EWC ( Dj Assassin and Mc40 Deuce ). This unique release unleashed a whole wave of "new" re-mixers on the block...so many fakes joined the band wagon and practically killed the industry with their mediocre releases. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry became a re-mixer over night! Thus began the slow decline of the Bollywood remixes. But we maintained our fan base with high quality releases featuring top artistes and presentation.The phoenix rises from the ashes...Rhythm Squad's story continues with the its mutation into X-Factor Music International with International production teams based in London,New York,Chicago,Cairo,Mumbai,Havana...watch out!! X-Factor Music's coming at ya!
    Love and Peace.
    Ramesh Kansara.

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    1 Diwana Aaya Hai - Udit Narayan
    2 Tere Bina Zindagi - Vinod Rathod
    3 Yeh Ujli - Kumar Sanu & Alka Yagnik
    4 Tu Mera Saajan Hai - Ashanee
    5 Aankhon Mein Neend - Jolly Mukherjee & Kavita Krishnamurthy
    6 Kitna Pyar - Kumar Sanu & Sadhana Sargam
    7 Mera Jeevan Kora Kaagaz - Vinod Rathod
    8 Shaayad - Vinod Rathod
    9 Tu Mera Saajan Hai - Ajuma Dub
    10 Kitna Pyar - Bass Addicts Dub



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    Re: Catch The Rhythms 3 - The Third Chapter by Kumar Sanu (CD RIP 320KBPS)

    Post by vikash16 on Fri May 03, 2013 12:08 pm

    Thanks dude

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